Belinda Mello
Alexander Technique Teacher, Actor Coach, and Movement Specialist


Belinda specializes in working with actors and performing artists in New York City. She teaches the Alexander Technique through Private Lessons and Group Classes at her Manhattan Studio.


Belinda Mello specializes in working with actors but the Alexander Technique can be applied to any art, sport, or daily activity. 

Private lessons are the fastest, most efficient way to feel more confident in your body and make real, substantial changes in the way you feel and move.

Belinda will observe and analyze your movement, helping you make discoveries about how you move and how you communicate with other people.  An expert Alexander Technique teacher with over 25 years of experience, Belinda shares her knowledge, humor, and gentle guiding touch, allowing you to refine how you move so you can:

  • Improve your presence and awareness
  • Enhance your performance in the activities you care about
  • Listen, think, and respond without relying on habit 
  • Be in sync with your posture and prevent injury
  • Discover more balance and pleasure in moving, breathing and being

Alexander Technique will help you discover a lighter, resilient, and more precise way of moving and breathing throughout your day.  

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