Private Alexander Technique Lessons

In a Private Lesson we can work on:

  • Stress Relief 
  • Finding Ease and Efficiency in Everyday Activities
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Balance and Mobility
  • Building Presence

Cost of A Lesson

$100 - Single One Hour Lesson
$460 - Package of Five One Hour Lessons
Have a specific need? Inquire for further package options.
20% Discount available on your first lesson. 


Schedule A Private Lesson

Belinda teaches in Flatiron, Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn .
You  may schedule a lesson in either location.

Prepay for your lesson via PayPal, If you would like to pay cash/credit/check on the day of your lesson, please notify us via E-mail. 

If you have any questions or don't see a time that fits into your schedule, feel free to contact us at: or (917) 753-0624

What Happens in a Private Lesson?

Belinda takes a client through some Alexander Technique table work exercises for tension relief. The client lies down on a table while Belinda guides the clients limbs to release.

Private Lessons:  Belinda Mello will observe and analyze your movement, working with you in your specialized activities.

An expert Alexander Technique teacher with over 25 years of experience,
Belinda shares her knowledge, humor and gentle directive touch to guide you in refining how you move so that you can

  • Enliven your presence and awareness
  • Improve or refine your performance in the activities you care about
  • Listen, think and respond without relying on habit 
  • Be in sync with your posture and prevent injury
  • Discover more balance and pleasure in motion

AT brings about a lighter, resilient and more precise way of moving and breathing throughout your day.