Belinda gives an actor direction with their hips and pelvis as the actor lies on the floor in semi-supine position. This is an exercise Belinda uses to help actors figure out how to most efficiently use their bodies.
Belinda shows an actor the width o the lumbar spine. We are supported by a very thick column of bone and muscle.
Belinda teaches and Alexander Technique group class to a couple of actors. They go through Alexander Technique exercises to experience ease in movement. a group of actors move joyously around the studio connecting with each other.
Belinda guides an actor through a chair exercise using the Alexander Technique in her NYC Studio.Her hand is on the actors chest and upper back helping him feel how much depth he has.


We are offering free introductory Alexander Technique classes at our studio and other locations around New York City.
Learn how you can use the Alexander Technique to free up your acting and open up your lively sense of being!

Next Free Intro:

Monday February 18th, 1pm-2pm.
Meet Belinda Mello & Dana Calvey
Studio 5 at ATMOTION - Center for Actors
151 West 30th, 3rd floor - Balance Arts

Actors Alexander Technique:
Move Yourself: A Weekly Masterclass
with Belinda Mello

Thursdays 10:00AM - 11:30AM
for all levels of experience:
Basics and Advanced students

Last minute drop in? Yes, we are actor friendly! Text Belinda at 917-753-0624 to confirm space.

Belinda guides an actor laying down on the ground through an exercise where the actor practices only using the necessary amount of effort to push a strap of cloth into the air. This shows the actor where they are holding unnecessary tension and gripping.

Build confidence and clarity in your movement while you warm-up for upcoming performances or auditions. Using a combination of Alexander Technique, Margolis Method and Movement studies, Belinda will lead you through a series of exercises:

  • expand your choices for embodied expression,

  • let go of patterns and nervousness

  • own a lively use of time, space and tensegrity

  • fine-tune your physical specificity

The class time will incorporate floor work, hands-on direction and body mapping.

Payment Options:
Single classes $25
Monthly: $80 for a Package of 4 Classes
A package of 4 classes can be used over 12 weeks.

4 week class
Principles in practice

with Sheila Bandyopadhyay
Mondays 10:00 am - 11:15 am
April 29th, May 6, 13, 20

Belinda gestures to a young actor with her hands near her chest. The young actor has her hand on the back of her neck. This is part of an Alexander Technique for Actors Class.

ATyoga is a Vinyasa style yoga class infused with principals of the Alexander Technique. Verbal direction and hands-on adjustments lend ease, clarity and depth to the postures. In ATyoga we flow, breathe, center, and meditate. This is an open level class, which means that participants are able to work at their own pace. It is ideal if you have had a few prior yoga classes, but all poses are taken with attention to optimal use and breath. Modifications and variations are offered to newer students and more advanced students will be challenged by using Alexander direction with their practice of the asanas (postures).

Payment Options:
$ 80 for 4 class
$25 drop-in (space permitting)

Read Sheila Bandyopadhyay’s Bio

Make the Camera Your Scene Partner

with Holly Cinnamon
Fridays 12:00 -2:00 pm
May 31 and June 7
Intensive Fee: $110

Holly Cinnamon teaches tensegrity with a white board and 3D model to Alexander Technique students in NYC with a whiteboard.

As a film and TV actor, the lens determines how you are seen by the audience. You are working within a completely different framework than on stage or in a theatre audition.

  • Do you know how to work within the frame and make the camera your scene partner to draw the audience into each moment of your character’s journey?

  • Do you know how to use your attention and your thinking and your body to tell the story within the frame?

  • Do you know how the camera sees you?

In this class, we will apply AT tools directly to on-camera work. You will discover resources in the audition room and on set that can support your on-camera acting, expand your presence and clarify your focus, so the camera is drawn to you. We will work on audition sides and watch playback during class so you can see how the tools we apply can transform what the audience sees on screen. The class will leave you with simple, concrete tools and practices that you can incorporate into your on-camera work immediately.

Read Holly Cinnamon’s Bio

New in June:
In Your Self: Body Knowledge
for Present, Confident & Playful Acting

with Witold Fitz-Simon & Belinda Mello

Thursdays, June 6, 13, 20, 27
2:00-4:00 PM
Fee: 4 classes $210,
$10 off Union members
single class $55  

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Why is body knowledge so important for actors?

Stella Adler said, “listen with your blood.” To be authentic, and to be honest in the moment as actors, we must know how to sense deeply; how to listen to our blood, our bones, and our breath. Let’s spend some time listening and learning: exploring the geography of our bodies, building confidence and trust in Self. This course will help you recognize the stories your body inspires in you and tells the audience.

Learning more about who we are physically - our anatomy - is the jumping off point for this series of classes, including Bones, Joints, Muscles, Breath. In each session you will draw a connection between your body knowledge and your performance presence. Class activities will include experiential anatomy, improvisation and work with text.  

Hands-on attention from two Alexander Technique teachers will allow you to embody and integrate playfully this course work into your expression of character, relationship and story.


The Barrow Group:
Alexander Technique for the Actor

Fridays 3:30pm-6:00pm
8 Weeks Starting April 26th
Fee: $395 / No Class May 24th

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Class activities include awareness exercises, gentle hands-on feedback from the teachers, basic body-mapping, and practicing the coordination of your mind and body in  theater exercises.

The course content will focus on these four topics: The Actor's Body in Motion, The Actor's Breathing, The Actor's Presence, Ease of Being for Creativity.

Small Group Class for Personal Attention.

You must sign-up and pay through The Barrow Group's Webpage.