+ What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique connects you to your body and helps you recognize more choices in how you do the things you want to do.

AT is a set of skills and insights that help you find more ease, confidence, and precision in the way you move, breathe, and communicate.

It is not just for actors - Alexander’s principles are used by anyone in daily living or in specialized activities.

The technique is based on the teachings of F. M. Alexander, who made important discoveries about how the human body is designed and how we “use ourselves in relation to the physics of this planet. Alexander's chief insight was that finding ease and freedom in movement does not depend on doing something right. Rather, he advocated for a process of discovery, of simply allowing ourselves to understand our body's processes and potential.

We are highly resilient beings, responsive both to the ever-changing outside world and to the ever-changing inner experience of living. The more we understand about how to allow the way we're designed to be to simply be, the more ease we find and the more synchronized we feel with our ourselves and the present moment.

Alexander Technique will help you discover a lighter, more resilient, more precise way of moving and breathing throughout your day.

+ Why should I study the Alexander Technique?

Private lessons are the fastest, most efficient way to feel more confident in your body and make real, substantial changes in the way you feel and move.

In just a few sessions, you’ll learn new skills, build confidence in how you move and communicate, and learn to see more options in how you react and respond. Over time, you’ll learn to breathe easier and feel more present and connected in your body and your Self.

Private lessons are particularly useful if you have chronic pain, an injury, or a specific goal such as improving performance or presentations, providing a focused setting for Belinda to observe your movement on an individual basis.Belinda will work with you to help you make discoveries about how you move and how you communicate with other people.

AT brings about a lighter, resilient and more precise way of moving and breathing throughout your day.

+ How will the Alexander Technique help me as an actor?

Alexander Technique arose from an actor’s discovery of how to solve his acting problems and his vocal issues in performance.

Actors who have learned to use the Alexander Technique rely on it as a way to integrate the multi-facets of their craft. AT puts you in touch with who you are and how you coordinate yourself -- your bio-psycho-social self. The principles from F.M. Alexander encompass the foundations of acting: mind-body unity, presence and awareness, clarity of intention and the power of choice, with an emphasis on process rather than predetermined outcomes.

AT offers essential, doable skills and ways to practice them. How you apply them is up to you. Many actors rely on these skills, and the underlying principles, to gain confidence and or to open up more sensitivity or imagination in their work. Others find it helps them to really listen to their partners, to be less distracted and more responsive.

Specific choices of what to let go of, or how to use awareness of space and time to shape an effective audition are practiced in AT lessons or classes.

Actors use AT for resiliency and longevity; to restore and regain a sense of balance and well-being between performances on stage or on a set. When fully realizing a dynamic character, an AT approach can bring forth a greater physical and vocal range. There is not “ideal” body or way of moving or breathing. Your unique self is what you are uncovering in this work. You learn how to be kind to yourself by working with your own design, even when you are meeting very high stakes and high standards. You become the expert of yourself!

+ Does the Alexander Technique help me with pain management?

Over the past decade more research has been done on this question - and the answer is yes! (Look at the NYTimes article for more info on Back Pain studies)

AT is a process of unlearning habits and simplifying your coordination to reduce pain, stress and increase energy.

Individual or small group lessons will give you a reliable new way to move outside the confines of your pain.

+ Should I take private lessons or a Group Class?

If you're new to the studio we recommend taking between 1-5 private lesson before jumping into a class.

Why Private Lessons: Individual attention to accelerate your growth. Hone in on specific habits, Why Group Classes: Grow through doing and observing others. Group Classes are a great way to maintain the work you've done in your private lessons and grow steadily with a group of like-minded indiviuals.

Alexander Technique Lessons

+ What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Some clients wear atheltic wear while others wear their day to day attire. You're welcome to change onsite -- we have 3 restrooms located near our common area.

When entering the studio room, be prepared to take your shoes off at the door. We work in barefeet or socks.

+ How much does a Lesson Cost?

  • $96 - First Lesson for New Students (20% Discount)
  • $120 - Single One Hour Lesson
  • $550 - Package of Five One Hour Lessons
  • $240 - Single Lesson - out of office (includes travel)
  • Have a specific need? Inquire for further package options.

+ How do I pay for a lesson?

If you schedule through our online booking system you will be prompted to pay via PayPal or with credit card via Square.

You can also prepay via Venmo: @ATMotion

If you would like to pay cash/credit/check on the day of your lesson, please notify us via Email: BMello@AlexTechMotion.com Checks must be made out to: ATMOTION LLC