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Try this Life-Changing Stress Hack for a More Relaxed 2015!

Over the years, I’ve dealt with stress in many ways: running, exercising, visualization, drinking inordinate amounts of chamomile tea and even laughing it off with Family Guy. All these things helped me feel calmer for a while, but none has contributed to my success quite like practicing the Alexander technique.” – Zack Ferres


NPR's Morning Edition featured an article on the Alexander Technique and how it is used to address back pain. 

Featured in the article is a video that summarizes the results of a major back pain study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008. The study showed that the Alexander Technique was highly effective in treating back pain. There have been more recent follow-up studies that have confirmed this result. 

Websites About the Alexander Technique

ATI International
The World-Wide professional organization for the F.M. Alexander Technique. It includes many articles about the technique, teacher listings, bibliography, and more links. 

Marjorie Barstow
A website dedicated to this master teacher. 

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
The most comprehensive set of links, articles, and references to information about Alexander resources on the web.

a journal on the Alexander Technique


Resources for Performing Artists


Julia Lenardon

Montreal based Voice, Speech, and Accent Coach

vicki shaghoian.jpg

Vicki Shaghoian

NYC based Broadway Vocal Coach and Master Voice Teacher


Margolis Method

3 Dimensional Actor Training. Become an Actor Warrior


The Barrow Group
Actor Conservatory and Training Center where Belinda guest teaches.

siti logo.jpeg

SITI Company
Ensemble based Theatre Company and Actor Training Center

Larry Singer Studios
Generous Acting Teacher. You are not just an actor. You are an ARTIST.