What is the Alexander Technique?


Belinda teaches Alexander Technique to a private client. They're standing together and Belinda is guiding him into his full length and presence.

The Alexander Technique is an educational method used to teach individuals how to overcome ineffective physical habits. Most of us have many habitual patterns, learned consciously or unconsciously. These patterns can be unlearned and replaced with more effective habits.

People study the Technique for many reasons. Relieving pre-existing pain and stress through better postural habits and physical coordination is a common reason to study. The Alexander Technique can also be used to enhance performance. Athletes, actors, singers, and dancers use the Technique to improve vocal production, breathing, presence, and precision of movement.

The Alexander Technique is often used to prevent injury in sports and the performing arts by improving stability, coordination, and balance.  Through learning and applying the Technique, students replace habits that cause chronic stiffness, pain, and stress, with habits that improve posture, performance, and overall well being. 

What Happens in a Private Alexander Technique Lesson?

Belinda teaches active rest Alexander Technique exercises to a student in a private lesson. The student is lying down on a table in supine position and Belinda is guiding the student how and where to release tension with her hands.

During private lessons you start learning how to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to basic everyday activities starting with lying down. On a table you learn how to notice and consciously release excess tension that has built up from ineffective use.  This lying down relaxation technique is often referred to as "Active Rest." Belinda will guide you through noticing where you hold your tension and learning how to actively release that tension both with her hands and with thought. 

Once you've achieved a level of familiarity with the concepts while lying down, you'll start applying the Technique to other basic activities such as moving from sitting in a chair to standing and picking up items. Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and the exercises and principles you learn will be applied to what you'd like to focus on whether it's improved mobility, stress management, or enhancing your performance in a 

It is highly recommended you seek instruction with a certified teacher both for safety and guidance.