June 11th - June 15th

You can build your own program and register for classes à la carte or register for the full week. 

 Belinda Mello works with an actor on how to overcome her audition nerves. 

Audition Masterclass: Overcoming Audition Nerves

Monday, June 11th from 12PM-2PM

Learn simple and reliable tools for managing your nervous system so that you can arrive in the room relaxed, energized and relatable. Practical exercise, hands-on guidance and PDF included.

Class Capacity: 8
Small group size allows for more individual attention. 

Taught by: Belinda Mello
Single Class Fee: $50

How to Book the Job: Audition Sides and Cold Reads

Part 1: Audition Sides, Tuesday, June 12th from 7PM - 9:30PM
Part 2: Cold Reads, Thursday, June 14th from 7PM - 9:30PM

You got the audition, fantastic.  Now you want to nail it! How are you spending your prep time? How do you bring the work into the room... and let it go? Learn tools and techniques to build your confidence to pave the way for a great audition.  Enter the audition room feeling grounded, confident, focused and ready.

In two evening sessions we will explore film and tv auditions from two sides- with prep time and without. It is designed for actors who are actively auditioning or performing. Embodied voice will be integrated into the warm-up followed by individualized coaching.

Tuesday night will focus on how to handle and prep sides given in advance (to be assigned). Thursday night will focus on cold readings- what to do when asked to read a different role/scene on the spot!

Class Capacity Limited to 6 for Individual Attention

Taught by: Miriam Silverman

Single Class Fee: $75
Both Classes / Parts 1 & 2: $140

Owning the Space: How to Bring Dramatic Tension to Life in Your Audition

Wednesday, June 13th, from 1PM-3PM

An actor’s job is to bring the story on the page into human form, in time and space. In this workshop, we will experiment with the relationship between the dramatic tension (or comic tension) in the text and your choices of time, space and attention in the audition room. This workshop is geared to actors who are currently auditioning. You will be asked to bring in a current audition piece of your choice and we will explore your use of attention, time and space in order to heighten your presence in the room, so you can completely own your audition, from start to finish. I will share tools I use before I enter the room and while I am auditioning to create a heightened suspension of time and space, so that the CD is drawn into my audition and curious about me and about the story that's unfolding, moment by moment.

Taught by: Holly Cinnamon
Single Class Fee: $40

Full Week Intensive Fee: $230
1)Overcoming Audition Nerves with Belinda Mello on Monday
2) How to Book the Job: Sides on Tuesday with Miriam Silverman
3) Owning the Space on Wednesday with Holly Cinnamon
4) How to Book the Job: Cold Reads on Thursday with Miriam Silverman
5) A FREE Alexander Technique for Actors Class on Tuesday with Belinda Mello which can be taken in either June or July

How to Register:
Fill out the registration form to the right. If you're new to the studio send your headshot/resume to bmello@alextechmotion.com
You Must Prepay to Reserve Your Spot. 

Location: Balance Arts Center, 34 West 28th Street, Floor 3, NYC, NY 10001