Dana holds a BFA Acting /Musical Theatre from Wright State University, where she fell in love with the Alexander Technique.

Dana has been in this work for 12 years, teaching and presenting both nationally and internationally, in varied settings.  Highlights include currently working in three teacher training programs (Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and NYC) masterclasses (Yale, NJ Shakespeare, Stonybrook,) and retreats (Florida, Ohio, and now CA!). In NYC, she's delighted to be teaching at The Barrow Group, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as her own private practice.  She teaches at Interlochen School for the Arts Summer Program in Interlochen, Michigan. Her goal is not only to serve performers through the work, but to facilitate the proliferation of Alexander's discovery in her lifetime.  Dana is a member of both ATI and AmSat. 

Headshot of Dana Calvey, New York City Alexander Technique teacher and Guest Instructor at AT Motion Center for Actors. Dana has short blonde hair, pink framed glasses, and smiles at the camera.
Dana Calvey, Alexander Technique Teacher and Guest Instructor at AT Motion Center for Actors kneels on the ground with a group of students going over Alexander Technique principles.