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Intensive: AT and Auditioning
Own Your Time in Your On Camera Auditions

Holly Cinnamon, Guest Alexander Technique Teacher at AT Motion Center for Actors, teaching a student with her hands on the students ribs helping the student how her ribs move while breathing.

with Holly Cinnamon
Two Class Intensive Workshop
Fridays: March 1st & 8th
1:00pm - 3:00pm

Intensive Fee: $90Apply the Alexander Technique tool of Inhibition to your On-Camera auditions, in order to own your time from the moment you receive the sides to the moment you walk out of the audition room. We can easily get so ahead of ourselves, knowing that our audition time is only 5 minutes long, and that we have one shot to nail the scene right then! It can feel like time is not in your control, but how you relate to time in your audition is your choice. Discover tools to stay where you are at each moment in your preparation for and journey to your audition, so that you are completely present in the room and you draw the camera and the Casting Director to you. Owning time through inhibition will allow you to make choices moment by moment, as yourself and as the character in the scene. In this class, we will work with a camera on a tripod in the room and directly apply AT tools to audition sides. You will receive a copy of your clips after each class via Dropbox.

Actors will be given the option to bring in sides of their own or be given sides to prepare. There will also be time dedicated to cold reads.

This workshop is for actors who are currently auditioning.

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