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Special Topic Masterclass
Sidere: Embracing Performance Excitement

Headshot of Cathy Madden, Master Alexander Technique Teacher and Guest Instructor at AT Motion Center for Actors

with Cathy Madden
Tuesday, January 22nd
3 Hour Masterclass

Workshop Fee: $75

In the ideal preparation, we consciously "ramp" up to a heightened state that fuels our intention and creativity.  While people are sometimes tempted to say this is anxiety, or fear of some sort – the truth is that this readiness is what we desire. It needs its own name!

The root word of desire is sidere, or  “from the stars” and has become my name for this conscious engagement with the unknown - the magic that fuels excellence. In the workshop, we will explore how a sidere -based preparation revives the joy of auditioning and performing. And, each participant will have the opportunity to audition from this Alexander Technique -infused realm of deep play.

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