• At Motion (map)
  • 34 West 28th Street, Floor 3
  • NYC, NY 10001

Finding Your Way In: Embodying a Living Breathing Character
with Belinda Mello

and Vicki Shaghoian

Develop Audition & Performance Technique Essentials
Access Vocal Truth and Immediacy
Work on a monologue, song, or both.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 10th from 10am-5pm
            Thursday, Oct. 12th from 10am-5pm

Find your vocal truth by making space and time for story to live in your body and your breath. Through the Alexander Technique you can drop into your body with lively relaxation and release habitual tension. Applying this approach to acting and song, you will realize how embracing the moment before an action is the key to coordination of mind, body and breath.

Your voice is the same for text and song… it really is that simple.  The challenge of honestly meeting heightened text and song is like learning how to vocally go from walking… to dancing.

We will help you to build the confidence you need to take on strong actions and challenging text. You will find what you need to sense, suspend, and encourage within yourself so that you can “dance” your monologues and songs. Belinda and Vicki bring years of teaching and coaching experience to their work. They have a knack for honing in on the barriers an actor is facing. They offer constructive, doable techniques for getting yourself back on track. The studio atmosphere is one of simplicity and the pleasure of being in a deep level of play.

What To Prepare: Bring a short monologue or song for individual work on Tuesday. On Thursday bring a different piece OR continue working on your piece from Tuesday. An Accompanist will be available on Thursday. If you are singing, you MUST tell us ahead of time so we can coordinate with our accompanist 

How to Register:
1) Email atmotionoffice@gmail.com with: headshot, resume, and how you would like to pay: Paypal, cash, credit or check
2) Let us know if you will be singing at the time of registration so we can coordinate with our accompanist.