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  • 34 West 28th Street, Floor 3
  • New York, NY 10001

Lift Your Audition!
The end of the year is coming up so fast! Before the "amazing" Julia Lenardon moves, let's get in one more session with her. If you don't know of Julia, she has been a coach to the cast of Matilda, X-Men Apocalypse and the world-famous comedian Gad Elmaleh. And now she will coach you, too...

Special Intensive Audition Coaching
with Julia Lenardon Voice and Speech Specialist
and Belinda Mello Movement Specialist

Take Your Audition to the Next Level:

  • Auditioning for Grad School?
  • Building your Audition Book?
  • Dusting off your Monologues for Audition Season?
  • Working on Something New?

Register NOW! Limited Class Size.
When: Tuesday 1pm - 3 pm December 20, 2016 only! 
Where: 34 West 28th Street, Floor 3, NYC 10001
Fee: $50

RSVP E-mail atmotionoffice@gmail.com