Freedom to ACT

Acting & Alexander Technique

January 6th, 7th and 8th, 2017 in New York City

Join us this January for workshops, presentations, lively discussions, brunch... and a devised performance of Alexander Clowns!
The Actor’s Self and Personal Journey
Become a part of our growing AT and Acting community of artists and teachers for the quality of your personal and professional daily life.
Self-Care, Self Knowledge and Living Well
This theme includes preventing injury, working through vocal and movement problems, managing character requirements on stage, and recovering from the mental, emotional and physical demands of performing. The Alexander Technique helps actors recognize their own strengths and habits and provides a pathway to embody growth and change.
Workshops and Presentations
A variety of workshops and presentations will be offered, useful to theatre, film and Alexander Technique students and professionals. All levels of experience are welcome to attend.


Pre-Conference for AT Teachers and Trainees
We will explore how we teach the AT to enhance the actor’s work and training. We will dialogue about how we can best relate the two disciplines in order to be most effective.

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