Private Alexander Technique Coaching for Actors

New Options: 60 minute or 30 minute coaching sessions - all one-to-one.

Belinda guides and actor through a monologue while gently using her hands to remind the actor where they can let go of tension through the Alexander Technique.

Belinda Mello combines her 25+ years of teaching the Alexander Technique with her background in Directing and expertise in Movement to help actors reach new emotional depth and confidence in their acting, and a stronger sense of safety in their vulnerability.

Private coaching assists within the rehearsal process as you are developing a character or the relationship between characters, incorporating a physical impediment into a performance or freeing your voice for a different dialect.  

“… After working with Belinda, I gained awareness of how my muscles would grip during extreme emotions. It was no wonder I’d leave the stage exhausted. With the Alexander Technique, I gained the skills to ease into myself while performing and I find I not only enjoy my work more, I feel energized!”  —Mel House, Actress

Belinda will inspire you to free up your imagination as she guides you in adding texture and elemental sensuality to your embodiment of character.  Bring in the beginnings of a character, sides for an audition, a piece of text or a song you're working towards performing.

For resiliency and longevity, actors also come to Belinda to restore and regain balance between performances on stage or working on camera.

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Steps to Scheduling a Private Coaching

1) Schedule Your Coaching on AT Motion's Online Calendar in Manhattan or Brooklyn


 2) Pay For Your Coaching Online: you may also pay via cash, check, or credit in person, but let us know your plan via E-mail.

A Single Coaching Costs $80

A 30 Min Coaching Costs $45

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